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Thank you for your suggestion. I have a small question, please advise. If my father now writes half of the property to two sons (four sons in total) and the other half later to two other sons, since they are currently no longer at the station. Please also let me know if we can register the deed of will as a gift certificate. Dear Lalitagauri, It is advisable to mention the specific details of the assets that you consider to be of great value, and you can simply mention that all the assets are passed on to this or that person on your behalf. The most unrealistic . “My bank fixes deposits in …… (Name of bank)…. carrying…… (FD approval numbers)…….. ». I continue to add FDs and the old ones mature throughout the year, so does that mean I have to rewrite my will every month? He should say, “I bequeath to my wife all my FDs that I have opened in all the banks.” Dear Sreekanth, My husband passed away recently and we were abroad when it happened. I want to write a will immediately, just in case something happens. Can I use your format for this even if I am currently abroad? Do I have to go to a consulate and have it certified or something like that? I really appreciate everything and every help.

Thank you. Mary Executor is the person who implements/executes the will. Therefore, the name, address, relationship with the executor, age, etc. of the executor must be clearly stated. However, the will can be enforced before the local district registrar and sealed in his presence. Thank you for your reply. It is not a direct ancestral property. It was a new property that was bought to sell my father`s ancestral property, and my mother had no income or work to buy this property. So, all she can do is a will on her share of property (since it is a new property bought by selling ancestral land) and not on the whole. Good day A will should include the following details: Person X wrote a will as below (1) Part of a country to person Y (2) Another part of a country to person Z This is a nice article you shared, great information, I read it, thank you for giving such a wonderful blog to the reader. My father and I have several properties on the common name with 50% ownership and we have two other legal heirs.

But he wants to write a will that makes me the owner of everything that follows him. So what will be the procedure for the same? You also need to know how to write a will for common properties and other liquid quantities. After signing the will in the presence of two witnesses, the will must then be given to the trustworthy person. My father was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer and he has no prior will. In this case, we would like to make a will with all the assets that will go to my mother after her death – is there any general language we can use when drafting the will, such as “all assets, including bank accounts, equity holdings … without providing too many details such as exact account numbers, etc., as we may not have an exhaustive list of assets available with us. Thank you. 1.My wife and I keep all our investments as well as the house together. Is it possible to draw up a joint will and notarize it without an executor? Dear Nancy, In fact, the TESTAMENT can also be written on a sheet of white paper.

If you are considering opting for a registered will, please go to the relevant local registrar who will accompany you. Also, visit your state`s registration/revenue department portal for fee details. In general, the registration fee for WILL/Gift Deed is nominal in most states. Two persons have the right to make a joint will, but a joint will is only valid if it is drawn up by two persons who are related or co-owned or who are co-owners of a trust. A joint will is perfectly valid according to all personal laws. I have a sister and unfortunately the relationship is not very healthy. In addition, she is quite rich from her husband and on this side of her ancestral property. My parents have asses spread over their names and have verbally confirmed that all their belongings will belong to me. Given the law that grants siblings the same right to parental property and my parents` confirmation that all their property will be bequeathed to me, I want a will to be documented and registered.

Except for a tiny part; All assets are earned by my parents themselves. I love kgngupta. Since the property was given during your father`s lifetime, it replaces the provision of the will. You can also have it confirmed with a civil lawyer. Your mother`s signature is required to register WILL. Now that it is not possible. You can simply execute this WILL without succession. If your banker or if it is necessary, you can check the will. Lord, My uncle has four daughters and a son.

All her daughters are happily married and expect nothing from the property. He therefore wants to give his son and his family everything that is testamentary (with two signatures of witnesses and doctors). Will it cause problems for someone in the future? Please advise. I have two children, both NRIs. I have invested in mutual funds, stocks, bank FDRs, etc.; I don`t have property. I have made my daughter or son a candidate for each of my investments. I am very interested in the fact that the proceeds of my investments after my death will be used by my children, for whom my children will open a joint NRI savings account. There is no problem with the distribution of recipes.

Is a will required because I have made my son or daughter a candidate for each investment? Will it be enough for me to write a simple letter stating that in the event of death, I will bequeath my investments to my two children to take care of the income tax? One of my cousins lost his father in 2009. He has two married and well-established sisters. He lives with his mother, wife and children. Before his death, his father left an unregistered will to two witnesses and doctors, making my cousin the executor of all his movable and immovable property. The apartment in which they live is transferred from the name of my cousin`s father (who is the original owner) to his mother`s name according to the company`s appointment. Now the building is being renovated and the same is being registered in his mother`s name. His mother also named him in the agreement with a copy of the company`s nomination form. My cousin`s question is: will a) be prepared by his mother or will his father`s be valid, since his mother`s financial contribution is zero, since she has been a housewife all her life. b) Can his sisters claim despite the will left by my cousin`s father? Dear Manoj, If you write a joint will only for this co-ownership, you can create a joint will. However, if you include other resources, you may want to consider creating separate WILL. Dear Mr Sreekanth, It is truly a commendable effort that you have made.

I have seen many confusing accounts about the will. I also have a question: I have certain qualities with my wife and others in my name alone. In addition, I have ancestral properties that are in my name. My question is: can we manage all this in a common will or do we need separate wills? Is there another format that will easily solve these problems? Thanks and greetings A will is a legal statement made by a person on a document regarding the distribution of their property after their death. It is a one-page document that takes effect after a person`s death and allows you to make an informed decision about how your property, property and assets will be distributed upon your death. A WILL can be written by an NRI and then notarized with witnesses while the NRI is not in India. The will can then be registered when visiting India (although registration of the will is not mandatory). As I write my will in which I would divide my property among my sons, I would like to include a clause in the will stating that if my wife is alive after my death, she is the sole owner of all the property mentioned in the will and in the event that she is not alive or after her death, the assets are distributed as mentioned in the WILL. Please advise.

Hello Sir-please need a sample will in favor of the son by his mother and sister regarding the property of the deceased father, thank you Currently my father has expired and I want to know if my mother can make a will that prefers only my brother or son. If the will is signed by a single witness, is it valid? According to the Estates Act in India, there are two types of wills, privileged wills and non-privileged wills. STEP 3: A will is executed by ensuring the signature of the testator in the presence of the two witnesses and their signatures. Dear Mr. Rama Krishna, Please understand that anything and everything can be challenged in a court in India 🙂, but if they sign as witnesses in the deed of will/gift and it is clearly stated that they have no objection and do not like to share the property, then it should be fine. Please consult a lawyer and obtain legal advice. For the contact details of companies that offer online will writing services, access indiaactivities.com and under the heading “Ancillary activities”, click on the link “Write a will to distribute assets” my grandfather some property by regesterd deed of gift in favor of my father my grandmother the same property is written without restriction in favor of the father smalest brothes`S wife how problam deel please give me a solution Sir If so, you will document in Telugu. Please send me. Thank you in advance, I have my spouse and my two daughters. I want to make my assets available to them in equal shares. Can I record my fixed assets and investments as fixed deposits in the will and mention that one-third of the assets must go to each person? The draft above is just an example of Will.. .